Branch Point : What does it mean?

According to John 15 the point where the branch (us) meets the vine (Jesus) is a critical juncture. Branches must stay connected to the vine in order to produce fruit. We can only be truly productive if we remain in and draw our strength from Jesus. Our church wants to strengthen this point in your life through God’s Word and loving relationships.

A watchmaker never intended for their creation to be used to hammer nails. Yet one might successfully hammer a nail with a watch, just don’t expect it to give you the right time. In the same way, our Designer had certain intentions behind our design. Selfishness has corrupted our view of how we were intended to operate. We must read His owners manual, the Bible, to get a proper understanding of how we were designed to work. We don’t want to abuse ourselves, yet we do just that when we live our life selfishly like the guy pounding a nail in the wall with his watch! So when we line our minds and actions up with God’s Word, and His example (Jesus) we live a much more enjoyable and purposeful life.