Children's Ministry

Nursery: 6 weeks to 2 yrs. old    -    Seedlings: 3 yrs. - 4 yrs. old   
Little Sprouts: Kindergarten -2nd Grade    -   Sprouts: 3rd Grade - 5th Grade


The Orchard's goal is to provide a fun, dynamic, and enjoyable educational experience.  We want this thrill for all ages, so that all our classes would be a place where children want to come and learn.

Our Beliefs 
Our children’s ministry is here to encourage and foster spiritual growth in your kids.  We want to assist parents in their efforts to teach their family biblical truth. It is our mission to teach children how to be disciples of God, living a life that is dedicated to Him.

Safe & Secure
When it comes to children, nothing is more important than making sure they are safe. That’s why all our children’s church workers go through a thorough screening process (complete with background checks) before they are approved to work with your children.  Every volunteer knows the rules and will help the children to follow them.  

Vacation Bible School
We are proud to provide a vacation bible school for children 4-11 years old during the summer. 

Our 1 week program has an exciting theme, games, crafts, & engaging bible lessons, along with fun music and skits.  It is a wonderful opportunity for children to invite their friends and learn more about God.